To host a LuLaRoe or find out their next event or Pop-Up, click on their Facebook pages below:

Jenn Nordly Consultant
81686 230th Street
Graceville, MN 56240

TELEPHONE: (701) 721-5715
WEBSITE: (coming soon)
Like LuLaroe Jenn Nordly on Facebook!

Greg & Sue Lockwood
314 Lincoln Ave
Ortonville, MN 56278

TELEPHONE: (651) 315-5919
Like LuLaRoe with Sue and Greg Lockwood on Facebook!

Alicia Lee – Consultant
106 Rita Road
Ortonville, MN 56278

TELEPHONE: (320) 487-0168
Like LuLaRoe Alicia Lee – VIP on Facebook!

Karianna WiegmanConsultant
26997 US Highway 75
Graceville MN 56240-4709

Telephone: (320) 305-0751
Like LuLaRoe Karianna Wiegman VIP on Facebook!

JoEllen HeffronConsultant
15703 485th Ave
Milbank, SD 57252

Telephone: (605) 695-1182

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