National Travel & Tourism Highlights in the Big Stone Lake Area

May 2 through 10 was National Travel and Tourism Week! Every day, we posted a feature of the Big Stone Lake Area! Check out the links we posted & visit the Big Stone Lake area soon!

Day 1: Today’s feature: our area lakes! Beautiful Big Stone Lake in  Ortonville/Big Stone City and Toqua Lake in Graceville are sure to be a great place for picnics, fishing or just chilling in a boat or on the shoreline!

Day 2: Have you ever wondered where to find out facts about the Big Stone Lake area? The Big Stone County Museum has the answers (and lots of other cool things, too!)! The Museum is today’s feature for National Travel & Tourism Week!

Day 3: Take a walk or take a drive, and you are guaranteed to see some sort of wildlife in our Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge!

Day 4: Every fall, the Meander: Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl comes through the Big Stone Lake area! But with so much local talent, art and culture can be seen every day, too!

Day 5: While you’re out and about, taking in nature or the local art scene, stop in to any of our shops! We have everything from hardware to specialty!

Day 6: FORE! Get out on the green with the Big Stone Lake area’s two golf courses: one in Ortonville and one in Graceville! Both offer challenging courses with food and carts available! There’s even something called FootGolf at the Ortonville Golf Course!

Day 7: Who could forget about food?! The Big Stone Lake area features a variety of eating establishments from supper clubs to fast food to pizza places! There’s even a 1950s diner! Check them out here!

Day 8: At the end of a long day of exploring the Big Stone Lake area, where do you want to rest your head? There’s everything from bed & breakfasts and hotels to cabins and camping! Click here to see all the options!

Day 9: And finally, all summer long, there are many family-fun festivals and fairs to enjoy! Celebrate Clinton Days, Big Stone City’s 130th Celebration, the Big Stone County Fair, Graceville’s Toquatennial Days and Ortonville’s Cornfest…all are great fun!

Thanks for following along each day for a feature of the Big Stone Lake area during National Travel & Tourism Week!

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