CornFest Winners

Winners pick up your prize at the Chamber Office.  Call first, as the office is closed Aug 22 – 23, attending meetings.  

CornFest Unclaimed Button #’s:


Congratulations to:
Lillian Warner is the $500 winner (button #1619)
Nola Lockwood is a $100 winner (button #851)


Moose Lodge Bikes, Trikes, & Wagon Winners:

Radio Flyer Wagon – Brayden Twedt
John Deere Tricycle – Carol Anderson
Radio Flyer Tricycle – Edyn Frerichs
Girls Pink Huffy – Creechen Turner
Girls Pink/Purple Huffy – Malia Karels
Girls Peach Huffy – Amelia May
Lime Green Huffy – Nettie Berens
Boys Trojan Huffy – Evan Gray
Boys Blue Huffy – Jeanette Underwood



Set of Irons – Brian Valek
Driver – Roger Yordy
Putter – Hans Zahrbock
52 Wedge – Zack Reyes
Sand Wedge – Tony Schake
1 Dozen Golf Balls – Robert Hensen
1 Dozen Golf Balls – Kelly Woizelke

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